Release #140 Akizuki Itsuki – Mischief and Love



  • Artist/Circle: Akizuki Itsuki
  • Original name: [秋月伊槻]悪戯心と恋心

It’s been quite some time since my last update. I’ve been rather busy with real life stuff and my next major release is still a little ways off as it’s only halfway done.
But I really haven’t translated enough loli lately and so I decided to translate this awesome little story I read today.

I’ve also used this opportunity to experiment a little with fonts and typesetting and such. If people are strongly in favor of the new fonts I’ve picked out I might end up switching to them permanently (unless my commissioners ask that I use a specific font of their choosing, of course.)

Anyway, please enjoy this little gem.

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Update: Okada Kou – Sukide Sukide, Sukide

As you might have noticed, four pages in the middle of “Sukide Sukide, Sukide” were missing from my translation. These four pages have been commissioned for translation courtesy of Job Truniht and have been added to my release.
The ex-hentai archive was already updated and I’ve now re-uploaded the whole commission again. Here are the links:

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Release #139 Kishizuka Kenji – Adoration


  • Commissioner: Mentosgum
  • Artist/Circle: Kishizuka Kenji
  • Original name: [木静謙二] Adoration

A nice vanilla release for a change.
A female troublemaker gets demoted because of her cold and unfriendly attitude and as a result sent to a small, local broadcasting station. A screw-up on her part ends up getting her close to her direct superior who, as a result, becomes the first guy at her place of work to see her cute side.

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Release #138 VENOM – Neko Futatsu Kurai 2


  • Commissioner: ElecDrago
  • Artist/Circle: [VENOM (Alto Seneka, Rusty Soul)]
  • Original name: [VENOM (或十せねか, Rusty Soul)] 猫双冥 弐ノ巻

A puzzle&dragon themed release.
After having slain some big boss monster the master comes back home to his servants. Two servants in particular have been eagerly awaiting his return. To their dismay they find out that their master has found another female partner on his travels who he promptly has sex as soon as he returns.
When he later announces that he intends to spend the night with the two previously mentioned servants they devise a plan to get back at him for his unfaithfulness…

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Release #137 Various Releases


  • Commissioner: Flammz
  • Artist/Circle: Multipe
  • Original name: Multiple

So, here are some commissions I did a looong time ago that were stuck in QC hell for eternity. But now they’re finally out.

First up I’ve got “Shoujotachi no Sadism” for you. I translated 3 chapters of the series while desudesu translated the other two. It’s a story about a teacher at an all girls school becoming the supervisor of a tea ceremony club comprised of 4 girls. Sure enough the story from then on out isn’t about the proper way to prepare and serve tea, but the teacher ending up as the girls’ new plaything.

Next up is “Chu-Gakusei Diary”, which I translated in part. The other parts were translated by YQII. At least the parts I translated were NTR focused. It has really nice art, though.

Last, but not least, there’s Sukide Sukide, Sukide. It’s by Okada Kou as well, so expect some NTR. It features quite a few completely NTR-free stories too, though. So it’s definitely worth checking out even if you’re not a fan of the particular genre. I just hope you like lolis.

[Tsukiyoshi Hiroki] Shoujotachi no Sadism
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[Okada Kou] Chu-Gakusei Diary Ch. 1-3,5-7
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[Okada Kou] Sukide Sukide, Sukide
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Release #136 Seme Danjou – Fork in the Road


  • Commissioner: Albert
  • Artist/Circle: [Seme Danjou (Mashiraga Aki)]
  • Original name: [ましら堂(猿駕アキ)] FORK IN THE ROAD

And another NTR commission!
This time it’s about a guy in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend.
The guy is an aspiring photographer working in Osaka, while his girlfriend is working for a successful IT company in Tokyo. They only get to see each other on the weekends.
One fateful day our MC is forced to work overtime and has to postpone the date with his girlfriend. The girlfriend, now having nothing to do that day, decides to attend a company get-together. Since she lacks any form of self-control she drinks like a fish and promptly falls asleep. When she wakes up everyone’s gone but the guy who’s been hitting on her at work for the longest time…

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Release #136 BEAT-POP – Himitsu 2-4


  • Commissioner: coNTRa
  • Artist/Circle: Mirai Ozaki
  • Original name: [BEAT-POP (尾崎未来)] 秘密 2-4

Yay for another NTR release!
This commission was actually supposed to be “Flesh of Peach” chapter 1 through 8 by RED-RUM. A superior scan of these chapters (tankoubon version) is supposed to come out, though, so the commission was put on ice and replaced with this one.

Himitsu 2 picks up right where 1 left off with the Manager and Ai-chan at the hotel. If you don’t remember what happened during part 1 I suggest you check it out here. All three works actually take place right after one another, minutely detailing the adventures of the two main characters during their little trip.
Part 4 also contains a little scene at the end with Ai-chan and her actual boyfriend, Hiroto.

Himitsu 2:
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Himitsu 3:
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Himitsu 4:
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