Release #143 Nuts Eater 2 & MonMusu House Gaiden



  • Commissioner: AniFreak
  • Artist/Circle: Yukimi Biyori / Mitegura
  • Original name: [雪見日和] もんむすハウス外伝~メイドアンドロイドの事務的性処理~ / [Mitegura] Nuts Eater 2

Both these works feature ball busting as their main themes, although Nuts Eater 2 does so to a larger degree than MonMusu House Gaiden. You’ve been warned.

MonMusu House Gaiden is about a guy enjoying all the advantages an obedient android maid with huge tits brings. Jacking you off with an onahole? Check. Literally sucking you off with a vacuum cleaner? Check. Crushing your balls and then restoring them with a magical potion? Also check.

Nuts Eater 2 is the story of a girl receiving a magical watch from the goddess of time. Naturally, the watch allows her to go full “ZA WARUDO” and do whatever she wants. Well, except sex. For some reason the goddess didn’t want her to have sex. That doesn’t stop her from using the watch to crush the balls of various futa girls, though.

[Yukimi Biyori] MonMusu House Gaiden
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[Mitegura] Nuts Eater 2
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