Release #3 23.4do (Ichiri) – Minicube v3

Time for our 3rd release! I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed translating and typesetting it!


  • Artist/Circle: Ichiri/23.4do
  • Original name:   [23.4ド (イチリ)] MINICUBE (C3-シーキューブ-)
  • Source: Comiket 81 (Torrent here) Unknown scanner.
  • Series: C3

A work I found today while surfing around on exhentai, looking for my daily fix. I was immediately taken in by it’s superb artwork, being in full color and already having been uncensored. I have to admit I especially enjoyed doing this one, as the artwork as well as the content are right up my alley. I also have to admit I am completely unfamiliar with the anime this is based on, but as I’ve already gotten my hands on all the 12 episodes that aired last year this will be remedied shortly.

Now without wanting to take up any more of your time, here’s the download link. Have fun with it!

*Edit: Because of some minor issues with quality (the RGB values of the colored text were not 100% consistent across all pages) and a mistranslation (thanks Anonymous for pointing it out) we’ve created a new version. Download link has been updated.

Download it from Mediafire | Our server


Release #2 Gerupin (Minazuki 13) – Ikenai Ako-chan Sexy Symphony

We’re on a roll, but this time with 100% less grimdark and 100% more (pure) yuri love between 2 girls! (Except one of them has a dick)


  • Artist/Circle: Gerupin/Minazuki13
  • Original name:   [ゲルピン(水無月十三)] いけないアコちゃん AKOセクシーシンフォニー (スイートプリキュア)
  • Source: Comiket 81 (Get it here) Unknown scanner.
  • Series: Suite Precure

Nice and short doujinshi featuring a loli character and a futanari. Not much more to say besides that, so I hope you enjoy. Grab it while it’s hot!

Download it from Mediafire | Our DDL

Release #1 The Magical Girl Next door (C80 Takotuboya)

And here it is: our first release. Rejoice all fans of Takotsuboya!


With this being a work from Takotsuboya, please be aware that this release will be very grimdark in nature, feature graphical displays of physical abuse and other nasty things of that nature. You have been warned.

In essence, this doujinshi isn’t so much porn as it is Takotsuboya’s retelling of Madoka’s story. So, if you have not yet watched or not yet finished Madoka please do that before downloading this release. Prior knowledge of the anime or manga is also necessary to fully appreciate this doujinshi as the reader is expected to be familiar with all the plot points from the original work. If you are familiar with the author’s previous works (his 2 doujinshi on K-ON, for example) you will know what to expect.

Now without further ado, the download links:

Download it from MEDIAFIRE | OUR DDL