Release #136 BEAT-POP – Himitsu 2-4


  • Commissioner: coNTRa
  • Artist/Circle: Mirai Ozaki
  • Original name: [BEAT-POP (尾崎未来)] 秘密 2-4

Yay for another NTR release!
This commission was actually supposed to be “Flesh of Peach” chapter 1 through 8 by RED-RUM. A superior scan of these chapters (tankoubon version) is supposed to come out, though, so the commission was put on ice and replaced with this one.

Himitsu 2 picks up right where 1 left off with the Manager and Ai-chan at the hotel. If you don’t remember what happened during part 1 I suggest you check it out here. All three works actually take place right after one another, minutely detailing the adventures of the two main characters during their little trip.
Part 4 also contains a little scene at the end with Ai-chan and her actual boyfriend, Hiroto.

Himitsu 2:
Get it on E-Hentai || or MEGA

Himitsu 3:
Get it on E-Hentai || or MEGA

Himitsu 4:
Get it on E-Hentai || or MEGA


4 thoughts on “Release #136 BEAT-POP – Himitsu 2-4

  1. Hi, sorry to bother you, but MTSPjin made a new blogpost from which it seems that he is working on Fate doujin as well as Tachibana’s final part. Could you maybe elaborate? Thanks.


    • He says the circle cut (basically a drawn advertisement displayed at/for an event in their pamphlets) displays a character from FATE, but he’s going to release a tachibana work. He says he’s got 40 pages right now, but is unsure if he’s going to finish the editing and compiling process in time. As such the distribution process might end up somewhat rocky and irregular again, but at least he’ll finally be able to release the conclusion to his series.

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