Release #92 Toshio Satou – Netorare Kanojo


  • Commissioner: coNTRa
  • Artist/Circle: Toshio Satou
  • Original name: [佐藤登志雄] 寝取られ彼女
  • Source:  Get it here

It’s been some time since my last release and here’s the reason why: a full 180 pg tankoubon. The work focuses on NTR (as the title implies), but I’d say it’s pretty lighthearted NTR. The girls all have boyfriends, but the focus is definitely more on the harem aspect of the stories than the actual cheating part.
There are a total of 8 chapters + 1 after story.

If a tiny bit of NTR doesn’t put you off definitely give this one a look!

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Release #91 Tenpougensuidou – Pretty Futacure Sex!!



  • Commissioner: Tiptop
  • Artist/Circle: [Oboro & Tenpogensuidou (Tenpogensui)]
  • Original name: [朧&天蓬元師堂 (天蓬元帥)] プリティふたキュアセックス!!
  • Parody: PreCure

The world of PreCure is a truly fantastical and magical one. Not only do you have little girls fighting crazy bad guys, but you also have stylish accessories that let girls grow dicks! Pretty amazing.
And when you then manage to convince said girls that having sex with each other increases their combat effectiveness you have a recipe for greatness.

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