Release #143 Nuts Eater 2 & MonMusu House Gaiden



  • Commissioner: AniFreak
  • Artist/Circle: Yukimi Biyori / Mitegura
  • Original name: [雪見日和] もんむすハウス外伝~メイドアンドロイドの事務的性処理~ / [Mitegura] Nuts Eater 2

Both these works feature ball busting as their main themes, although Nuts Eater 2 does so to a larger degree than MonMusu House Gaiden. You’ve been warned.

MonMusu House Gaiden is about a guy enjoying all the advantages an obedient android maid with huge tits brings. Jacking you off with an onahole? Check. Literally sucking you off with a vacuum cleaner? Check. Crushing your balls and then restoring them with a magical potion? Also check.

Nuts Eater 2 is the story of a girl receiving a magical watch from the goddess of time. Naturally, the watch allows her to go full “ZA WARUDO” and do whatever she wants. Well, except sex. For some reason the goddess didn’t want her to have sex. That doesn’t stop her from using the watch to crush the balls of various futa girls, though.

[Yukimi Biyori] MonMusu House Gaiden
Get it on ExHentai || or MEGA

[Mitegura] Nuts Eater 2
Get it on ExHentai || or MEGA


69 thoughts on “Release #143 Nuts Eater 2 & MonMusu House Gaiden

    • As far as I know, Jejuni is busy with writing his thesis, and he may stay inactive all spring because of that. The last I heard from him, he told me he has no intention of quitting translating, so we just need to be patient until he gets his important IRL things sorted out first.

      • Right after I made that Feb. 11 reply my external hard drive did a Humpty Dumpty and took a great fall and died. So need to reget what I can. I hope he comes back soon though please!

        • We have waited too long. I dunno where he he studies but it is now summer already and it means the college class is over already. So his thesis is finished.
          Maybe he has given up on translating.

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo say its not true!!! More, ballbusting, more castrating, more fantasticlly translated cbt stuff!!!!!!

  2. Oh didnt know tha, lol, too busy searching for more sick and twisted translated artworks. Good luck Jejuni wishing you all the best and thank you for translating it really does mean a lot and especially the more “extreme” stuff, i dont know anyone else who does! Lol hence your impatient and desperate followers. Wishing you all the best in your coursework ,you definetly rule number 1 in translating desperatly sort after artworks by me!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Maybe Jejuni has finally stopped being active. Anyways lets thank him for his previus works. Too bad there still unfinished projects. Maybe you should recruit new staffers to translate, proofread and quick clean your projects.

  3. The so-called “thesis” is a goddamn fucking lie. It’s a fucking excuse for abandoning his duties to his fans. He should be honest with us and tell us he has given up instead of making us wait hopefully for almost a year.

    Oh fuck.

  4. It’s been a fucking year already! Where the fuck are your new works? What the fuck have you been doing?

    Have you really given up?

  5. In the fucking 23 days it will be the fucking first year anniversary of the fucking last release dated fucking October 30th 2014!

  6. In case someone actually sees my comment here below someone’s fabulous meltdown, yes, I think we can reasonably conclude that this is now a dead scanlation group and Jejuni is not coming back. Personally, I’m looking into rescuing my two unfinished projects, ie. Tsuruta Bungaku’s Hanahira Torori and the re-edit of Sumiya’s Sayonara Fairies, but be aware that this is not going to happen quickly. If everything goes well, I might try to get something out in 2016, but I can’t make any promises. If you want to contact me, PM me on e-hentai.

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