Release #123 Hanahira Torori ch. 04


  • Commissioner: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Tsuruta Bungaku
  • Original name: [鶴田文学] 花ひら蕩ろり 第4章

And here we have the 4th chapter of “Hanahira Torori”.
A nice and simple chapter. Boy meets girl and they fuck all vacation long. But when school starts back up they both end up being so busy they hardly have time to see each other. So what do they do? Well, have sex on the school premises, of course!

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Release #122 MTSP – Tachibana-san-chi no Dansei Jijou Yaribeya-hen


  • Commissioner: coNTRa
  • Artist/Circle: MTSP (Jin)
  • Original name: [MTSP (Jin)] 橘さん家ノ男性事情 ヤリ部屋編

Another retranslation!
The original translation left a lot to be desired in terms of editing and wording, which is why I was commissioned to redo it.
It’s a sort of supplementary work fleshing out an incident that took place during the main story. You can read it without knowledge of the plot just fine, but if you’re interested in understanding the story you should check out the main work here (translated in full thanks to Doujin-Moe).

Either way, whether you care about the plot or not, you’ll get treated to some fine gangrape involving girls with tits so huge they should all be arrested for possession of deadly bludgeoning weapons.

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