Release #139 Kishizuka Kenji – Adoration


  • Commissioner: Mentosgum
  • Artist/Circle: Kishizuka Kenji
  • Original name: [木静謙二] Adoration

A nice vanilla release for a change.
A female troublemaker gets demoted because of her cold and unfriendly attitude and as a result sent to a small, local broadcasting station. A screw-up on her part ends up getting her close to her direct superior who, as a result, becomes the first guy at her place of work to see her cute side.

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Release #123 Hanahira Torori ch. 04


  • Commissioner: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Tsuruta Bungaku
  • Original name: [鶴田文学] 花ひら蕩ろり 第4章

And here we have the 4th chapter of “Hanahira Torori”.
A nice and simple chapter. Boy meets girl and they fuck all vacation long. But when school starts back up they both end up being so busy they hardly have time to see each other. So what do they do? Well, have sex on the school premises, of course!

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Release #101 Makinosaka Shinichi – Small Restaurant Sai


  • Commissioner: ElecDrago
  • Artist/Circle: Makinosaka Shinichi
  • Original name: [牧野阪シンイチ] 彩 小料理屋

A nice, short vanilla story. The MC frequents a certain restaurant almost daily and falls for the young waitress/daughter of the owner. He’s then forced to move because of his job and spends one last, really nice night at the restaurant with the owner and her daughter!

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Release #100 Ashiomi Masato – Dream Channel


  • Commissioner: Anonymous
  • Artist/Circle: Ashiomi Masato
  • Original name: [アシオミマサト] ドリームチャンネル

It’s time for release 100! And what a big one it is. More than 200 pages of nice, clean vanilla. There should be something for everyone in here. There’s sex between blood unrelated siblings, blood related siblings, teacher student relationships, girls in swimsuits, tracksuits, bunnysuits, etc.

The stories all have one thing in common: the main character buys something from a mysterious antique shop that drastically changes his life. The stories are actually pretty nice. I thought that chapters 3 and 4 were especially well done.

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