Release #140 Akizuki Itsuki – Mischief and Love



  • Artist/Circle: Akizuki Itsuki
  • Original name: [秋月伊槻]悪戯心と恋心

It’s been quite some time since my last update. I’ve been rather busy with real life stuff and my next major release is still a little ways off as it’s only halfway done.
But I really haven’t translated enough loli lately and so I decided to translate this awesome little story I read today.

I’ve also used this opportunity to experiment a little with fonts and typesetting and such. If people are strongly in favor of the new fonts I’ve picked out I might end up switching to them permanently (unless my commissioners ask that I use a specific font of their choosing, of course.)

Anyway, please enjoy this little gem.

Get it on ExHentai || or MEGA || Depositfiles


5 thoughts on “Release #140 Akizuki Itsuki – Mischief and Love

  1. Glad to see your still going! You had me worried there. I think I like the new font. Seems to feel better. Looking forward to that major release (I’m wishful it’s loli).

    • There’s progress report on the right you know. Looking at the next big project, it doesn’t seem to be loli unfortunately.

  2. I like your new font style. Gives a new, fresh look. The one thing I liked less was the “Ow! It hurts!” font on page 16. Doesn’t really look like a comic book kind of font to me.

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