Commissioning a translations with me is easy. The steps you need to follow to receive your translation are as follows:

  • Send an e-mail to [remove the -@t- and replace it with the @-sign], detailing what you want translated. Please also include a way for me to obtain the raw in question, like a download link to any major filesharing site.
  • I will then have a look through the work and will get back to you with the payment details and the price for the commission.
  • For larger commissions, i.e. tankoubons or multiple chapters, I will have to ask  for an advance payment of 50% of the total price.
    If you’re a first-time commissioner you will be required to pay the advance payment regardless of the size of the commission.
  • As soon as I have completed your commission I will send you an e-mail with some example pages of my work. Once I receive the payment in full I will send you the completely translated work.

What can I commission with you?

Any and all media in Japanese that you’d like to see translated are welcome. This means that doujinshi or manga, H or not, are very welcome, but so are light novels, books, lyrics, what have you. All I need is a raw to work with and I’m good to go.
Please note, however, that I don’t possess the required skills to give you an English version/patch for virtual novels. The best I could do is send you a translation as a word/txt file here.

As for content, pretty much anything goes. I’m not easily offended by anything and have been on the internet long enough to be desensitized to pretty much every fetish out there. As such, there is little I won’t do. If, for whatever reason, you manage to dig up something I just simply can’t do in good conscious I will let you know immediately.

How long will I have to wait for my commission?

This largely depends on the complexity of the work, translation- and editing-wise, as well as the size of my backlog. I will probably be able to finish most works within a week, but the size of my queue (should there be any) will determine when I get started. If you want a quick update on how long you’ll probably have to wait just ask me on my channel: I will also give you an estimate on how long it’ll take when you commission me via email. Should anything occur that prevents me from completing the work in the quoted time frame I will let you know as well.

How much will it cost me?

For your average doujinshi or manga, around 1.4€ per page. This price depends on how difficult the editing process will be and how much text the average page includes. For example, a work by Takotsuboya or gorgeous Takarada, who both love having an average of 500 bubbles per page, will probably cost you more than the average H-manga. Conversely, a commission that mainly consists of illustrations with little text will be much cheaper.

For all other types of commissions please simply contact me so I can have a look through the work in order to work out a fair price for you.

I have a special request regarding the editing/style of translation/etc, will you  accommodate me?

I sure will! Please send me all your special requests along with the first e-mail to make sure you get exactly what you want.
In general, I will keep Japanese honorifics (such as “-san”, “-kun”, etc.) and keep Japanese terminology like “Onii-chan”, “Onee-sama” and so on. SFX are left as they are and, depending on the amount, will cost you extra if you want them translated.
Should you want an example of my usual translation style just check out any of my previous releases. Unless otherwise specified by you I will translate using that style.
If you want those honorifics dropped, or no Japanese terminology included at all, just let me know.

Can I request a translation into a different language than English?

You will be able to choose from 2 different languages: English and German. Unless otherwise specified I will always translate into English.

Which payment options do you offer?

Currently I only accept PayPal.

What happens if someone else releases the work I commissioned while you were working on it?

This largely depends on how far along I was with the commission. If I haven’t even started working on the commission yet I will naturally refund the full price. Should I have already invested considerable time into the project, however, please be aware that a full refund will likely not be possible. Please, for your sake and for mine, make sure that the work you are commissioning is neither released already nor currently being worked on by someone else.

What will you do with my commission after you have sent it to me?

I will generally release it on my site a few days after I have sent you the full translation, giving you enough time to be the first one to post it everywhere yourself. I will include my  logo and your name as commissioner in that release. Should you wish to keep the translation private, no problem. Just let me know you don’t wish to share it and I won’t post it here or anywhere else. Should you decide to upload the translation somewhere and I am made aware of it, I will let the visitors of our site know it is available though. Should you wish to upload the commission to your own blog and want me to link it in my post, no problem either.

There is a spelling error/awkward sounding line/ugly editing in my commission, you suck!

I am deeply sorry, but I am only human myself. I do try to make sure to release my works as perfectly as possible, but there’s always the off chance that something slips me by. Should there be a mistake in your commission you’d like to see corrected, or a line you’d simply like reworded, just drop me an e-mail. I’ll get back to you with the corrected version as soon as humanly possible.


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