Release 90 Yamada Factory – Shoujo Seifuku


  • Commissioner: Blastech
  • Artist/Circle: Yamada Factory
  • Original name: [山田ファクトリー] 処女→征服

Here we have a CG set completely focused on rape. The story is told through the eyes of the rapists who go around and look for suitable girls to pick up. There are seven girls and consequently seven short stories contained in the set.
The whole work is focused very much around getting the girls pregnant, but only the last girl is actually already with child.

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Releases 87-89 Kon-Kit Goodness³


  • Commissioner: Anonymous
  • Artist/Circle: Kon-kit (Konsoul)
  • Original name: [蒟吉人 (蒟魂)] 夜鷹TAXI / とろけるくのいち / Pink screen

This time I’ve got three Kon-Kit releases for you sponsored by a generous anonymous commissioner.

The first one is Prostitute Taxi ch. 03 and deals with a tsundere taxi driver lady getting it on with the secretary of a rich businessman.

The next one is the prequel to Torokeru Kunoichi and explains how it could come to the events detailed in the second chapter. So if you want to find out how exactly Juushirou got caught and imprisoned definitely check it out.

The last one is called Pink Screen and deals with two moviegoers. One of them is a girl who’s heavily influenced by what she sees on screen. If you’re now wondering what would happen if you’d show a girl like that a porn flick you’ve come to the right place!

Kon-Kit – Prostitute Taxi ch. 03
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Kon-Kit – Torokeru Kunoichi
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Kon-Kit – Pink Screen
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Release #86 Sumiya – My Wife


  • Commissioners: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Sumiya
  • Original name: [スミヤ] およめさん
  • Series: Original

Another cute work by Sumiya. It features two young girls enjoying some alone time together at home while their parents are away for the night.
It’s basically like the movie Home Alone. Except with two cute girls instead of one boy. Also, (big spoiler incoming) no one tries to rob the place. Oh yeah, there might also be lots more yuri sex.
Other than that it’s basically Home Alone.

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Release #85 Tenpougensuidou – Lovely Battle Suit HALF & HALF



  • Commissioner: Tiptop
  • Artist/Circle: [Oboro & Tenpogensuidou (Tenpogensui)]
  • Original name: [朧&天蓬元師堂 (天蓬元帥)] Lovely Battle Suit HALF & HALF
  • Parody: Sailor Moon

There are two rather short stories contained in this work. The first one features Serena prostituting her own child to a few middle-aged gentlemen and the second one deals with Kanna-turned-futanari getting it on with Iris.

The art is really good and the story is pretty much 100% no-nonsense, no-fluff, straight-to-the-point action.
Hope you enjoy it!

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Release #84 Uruujima Call – Happy Birthday Side B


  • Commissioner: coNTRa
  • Artist/Circle: Uruujima Call
  • Original name: [うるう島呼音] Happy Birthday
  • Source:  Get it here

This is part 2 (or Side B, as it were) of a work that was translated by Funeral of Smiles and LWB a while ago. You can check out part 1 here.
Part 1 focused on Yuna giving her boyfriend (who’s also her blood unrelated brother) a really nice surprise for his birthday – her first time.

Or so you thought, because as it turns a common childhood friend of the two gave Yuna some extensive “tutoring” beforehand.
Needless to say, this work is pure NTR, so beware.

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Release #83 SASAYUKi – Futago ya Futago no Futajuusou (complete)

Untitled-1 copy

  • Commissioners: Job Truniht, Anonymous
  • Artist/Circle: SASAYUKi
  • Original name: [SASAYUKi] 双子や双子の双重奏
  • Source:  Get it here
  • Series: Original

Here we have the complete version of SASAYUKi’s tankoubon, chapters 1-8 translated by yours truly.
I don’t think this release needs much of an introduction, I’m sure by now you know whether or not you’re interested in this man’s works or not.

So instead of writing about the work I’d just like to thank Job Truniht and two anonymous commissioners for funding the translation as well as T. Starrk and HurpDurp for proofreading the chapters.

Now please go ahead and enjoy this release!

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Release #82 Momodokei – Fall of the Alchemist (Mimi chapter)


  • Commissioner: Pkhz
  • Artist/Circle: [Momodokei (vol)]
  • Original name: [桃時計 (vol)] 錬金術師の敗北
  • Source: Get it here
  • Parody: Atelier Totori

A CG set focusing on what actually happens when you lose in any of the Atelier games. None of that wishy-washy “being carried back to town and losing some money” stuff here, oh no.
Mimi, Rorona and Totori get assaulted by the mercenaries belonging to Evil Face’s cult and are defeated. They then get carried back to the cult’s church where they are to be sacrificed…

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