Release #80 Jouiji Manabe – CAPRICORN Vol.1 [German]


  • Commissioner: Masterchief117777
  • Artist/Circle: [Jouji Manabe]
  • Original name: [真鍋譲治] カプリコン 第一巻
  • Source: Get it here

First and foremost: This is a translation into German. No English here this time, sorry folks.

The story follows the Earthlings Taku and Tamaki, who suddenly find themselves on a foreign planet one day. The inhabitants of said planet “Slaffleaze” have their own set of problems, though. A huge, black star has been looming over their heads for more than a week. Not everyone is afraid of that peculiar phenomenon, however. Certain individuals high up within the government of Slaffleaze are actually plotting to use the ensuing chaos amongst the populace to fuel their rise to power.
It’s up to Taku, Tamaki and the friends they’ve made on Slaffleaze to prevent the worst from happening!

The other volumes have all been set up as a joint project. So, if you enjoyed this release you can always chip in to get the rest translated sooner.
If this post has piqued your interest in an English translation please contact me directly.

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Release #79 Akatsuki Myuuto – Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo ch. 05

(Crazy pineapple hair for the win!)

  • Commissioner: Job Truniht
  • Proofreading: HurpDurp
  • Artist/Circle: Akatsuki Myuuto
  • Original name: [赤月みゅうと] 少女x少女x少女
  • Source:  Get it here
  • Series: Original

And here we have it, folks. The fifth and final chapter of Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo. This time our male lead is a sad and lonely fellow getting bullied in school by the big-titted pineapple hair squad for some reason.
You might think getting bullied by a bunch of girls whose hair look like a delicious fruit is pretty bad, but it isn’t really. Not when the “bullying” consist of trying to get into your pants, at least. And especially not if some real cutie comes to your “rescue”.
Real life should seriously be more like my Japanese anime!

This release also marks the first tankoubon I’ve translated in its entirety. So, yay for that! You’ll find a credits page at the end where I talk a bit about the work itself and extend my thanks towards the people who made this release a possibility. So, if you’re so inclined, check it out!

The next full tankoubon release won’t take much longer, either.

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Release #78 Yorimichi – Lewdevil


  • Commissioner: ElecDrago
  • Artist/Circle: [Yorimichi (Arsenal)]
  • Original name: [よりみち (アーセナル)] Lewdevil
  • Source: Get it here
  • Parody: Rosario + Vampire

And another work featuring a bunch of characters from Rosario + Vampire. This specific work focuses almost exclusively on Kurumu, though.
Kurumu, being the succubus that she is, tries to seduce Tsukune again. This time she’s got a new trick up her sleeve, though. Instead of trying to kiss him or charm him with her powers she’s come prepared with a potion… A potion she’s going to drink herself!

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Release #77 Sasayuki – The Father, The Son, And The Holy Genitals (Kairaku no Shiro to Kuro ch. 01)


  • Commissioner: Flammz
  • Artist/Circle: SASAYUKi
  • Original name: [SASAYUKi] 快楽の白と黒
  • Source:  Get it here
  • Series: Original

Another work by Sasayuki. Yay!
If you were looking for the perfect release to piss off your highly religious, Christian friend look no further, you’ve found it! This work doesn’t just contain two awesome lolis, but awesome loli nuns! And not only are they raped by a family member inside a church, they’re raped right in front of the church’s crucifix!

I’m just happy the religion in question was Christianity and not Islam and that the action took place inside a church and not a mosque . Otherwise I would’ve undoubtedly ended up dead within the week.

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Release #76 Kon-Kit – Torokeru Kunoichi


  • Commissioner: Anonymous
  • Artist/Circle: Kon-kit (Konsoul)
  • Original name: [蒟吉人 (蒟魂)] とろけるくのいち

Another Kon-Kit work brought to you by an anonymous commissioner.
This is actually a sequel to a (to my knowledge) untranslated story. To give you the rundown of the prequel: cute female ninja who’s charged with protecting a princess sneaks out every night to snack on a few of the princess’s sweets. The head of security, Juushirou, catches her and has his way with her. During the act the ninja uses her transformation technique to make herself look like the princess. The story ends with Juushirou being caught in the act with the transformed ninja, much to the dismay of his lord.

This work is actually subtitled “NTR story”. It deals with the philosophical question if someone can be “NTRed” if he doesn’t even care about the girl.
It’s definitely worth a read.

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