We are now accepting requests for translations of doujinshi you’ve always wanted to see translated, but no other group has yet taken the time to release!

However, please be aware that most requested works will probably not be translated by us, nor will there be any explicit reason given as to why we chose to take up request X, but not request Y, etc. If you really wish to have something translated, but it got rejected, check out our commissions page.

Additionally, even if we decide to take up a request, no time frame will be given as to when the requested work will be released. This will depend entirely on the size of our backlog and of course the size and complexity of the doujinshi in question.
We will monitor all comments on this page and then put the requested works in list form for your convenience. The comments will then be deleted. Works we decide not to translate will be moved to the respective category and receive a strikethrough. They will remain on this page for a few weeks so you can request them somewhere else.
Please note, however, that works in our “Requests we are considering” category only indicate an interest in the work. They are in no particular order and might take quite a while to get done. To view what we are currently working on and our progress on it please consult the “What we’re working on right now” sidebar on our homepage.

With the aforementioned points in mind, please provide us with the following when requesting a translation:

  • A link to the RAW to the doujinshi you’d like to see translated.
  • No specific reasoning required as to why you would like to see something translated, a valid link will suffice.
  • A confirmation that you’ve made sure that no one else has translated the work before.

So, just head to the comments section and request away!


68 thoughts on “Requests

  1. Hi, everyone at QB! I was hoping you would continue your streak and translate [Ashiomi Masato] D-Medal at You’ve done such a great job with his other works that you’ve completed. Thank you for all that you’ve done, in that regards. As for D-Medal, the manga has elements that seem important to the overarching story. I’m disabled and wracked with pain with no source of income, otherwise I would request a commision. No, I’m not trying to gain sympathy. I just dislike reading books out of order and thought it would not hurt to ask. As a member of e-hentai, I can add the various points I gather to a bounty which I plan to create. I will put every bit I earn toward that. Also, I was hoping that someone could cleanup Emotion Island by the same Mangaka, seeing how whoever compiled Kusanyagi’s unfinished work did it with bad magazine scans. The dumb asses added untranslated pages where they should have been if it had been translated properly. I’m not suggesting that all of that was Kusanyagi’s work, just whoever compiled the finished chapters and tried to pass it off as a tank; if it even was Kusanyagi’s work. It’s not even listed on his site that is no longer updated. I’m still looking for a Japanese version for it; although, I suspect you will have a much easier time of that. Anyway, I apologize for being so long winded. I hope you will at least consider the first project. If you find you’re not interested, I do understand. Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it. Take care.

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