Release #20 Mieow (Rustle) – Lolicon 6

What’s this, another work by Rustle? It sure is! Time for release #20.


Yet another previously untranslated work by Rustle. This time it’s in black and white, but definitely don’t let that stop you from downloading it. There are some amazing illustrations in there again you don’t want to miss.
No continuous storyline to be found in this release, just a bunch of very well drawn and aesthetically pleasing cute little girls doing cute things.

I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as the previous Rustle releases!
Let’s see how long we can keep the Rustle spree going.

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Announcement: Get us to do any translation you want!

I can just imagine your face right now. It probably looks something like this (if you were a cute little girl):

Do believe your eyes and ears though, for it is true. After having received a few e-mails asking if we’d do work X for amount Y we’ve finally decided to allow commissions. Meaning we are now fully equipped and ready to meet all your translation needs.
Simply head over to our newly created Commissions page to get all the details.
To give you the gist of it: we pretty much accept any form of Japanese media, from H or non-H serial manga over doujinshi to books.

What is that I hear you say, you’re afraid we’re now going to abandon our own little project and just focus on raking in the insane amount of moniez we will surely get from all the commissions? Far from it! You can still expect high quality loli releases hosted on our server for captcha-free high speed access from us, all the same! Neither are we going to ignore your requests. If you feel you have something we’d personally enjoy doing please continue to visit our requests page.

Hope to see you again next release!

Release #19 Mieow (Rustle) – Lolicon Special 6

Continuing on with our Rustle Rampage, we bring you his Lolicon Special 6 for our 19th release!


  • Artist/Circle: Mieow (Rustle)
  • Original name: [Mieow (らする)] Lolicon Special 6
  • Source: (C71) Get it here.
  • Series: Original Work

First and foremost I’d like you all to note that the depicted character is obviously a girl. You know, because it might also be a boy. Or a 3000 year old witch. With those crazy Japanese people you never know just what it is. So big props to Rustle for clearing that up right on the first page!

In terms of content we have some very nice “older” sister on younger brother action in your typical Rustle quality. Which means it’s fucking great. That and it’s a huge ~150MB again, uploaded to our server for full speed DDL access for your enjoyment.

I do hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as we had translating and editing it.
See you next time!

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Release #18 Mieow (Rustle) – Lolicon Special 2

It looks like we’ve been blessed with a few new uploads of Rustle’s works, so rejoice everyone! For Release #18 we bring you his “Lolicon Special 2.”


  • Artist/Circle: Mieow (Rustle)
  • Original name: [Mieow (らする)] Lolicon Special 2
  • Source: (C71) Get it here.
  • Series: Original Work

Well, what is there to say, really? It’s a work from Rustle that has been uploaded a few weeks ago. It’s fairly “old” if you want to call it that, seeing as how it’s a C71 release. Only recently has a kind soul taken the time to scan it though, so there we go.
If you consider yourself to be into loli and don’t already know who Rustle is, I urge you, no, implore you to search for his works on ex-hentai or any other site of your choice.

As for the contents, we got a few very fine illustrations and a short and sweet mini-story.
Don’t pass this one up, folks! Especially since we bring it to you in all it’s 150 MB glory.

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Release #17 – After School

And we’re back with a quicky for our 17th release!


  • Artist/Circle:
  • Original name: [ (ぽん酢)] あふたーすくーる
  • Source: (Get it here) Unknown scanner.
  • Series: Original Work

Returning to glorious loli and fulfilling the request of one of our dear readers, if that isn’t the definition of 一石二鳥 I don’t know what is. This release is fairly short, only 8 pages, but the author used a unique style. The “story” is told from the perspective of the heroine and you could say it is somewhat put into the form of a romance novel.
As for the actual contents, we have a loli discovering 2 classmates having sex on the toilet, when all of a sudden the teacher she has a crush on shows up behind her. And the rest is history.

I’ve never translated this style of text before, but I hope you will all find my translation to your liking.
And with that, I bid you all farewell until next time!

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