Release #142 Hanahira ch. 05 & 06, Sayonara Fairies re-edit



  • Commissioner: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Tsuruta Bungaku / Sumiya
  • Original name: [鶴田文学] 花ひら蕩ろり 第5-6章 / [スミヤ] SAYONARA FAIRIES 第1-2話

Here are two works I’ve translated a long time ago but were then stuck in QC hell for what seems like an eternity.
Long-time followers of this blog will most likely recognize “Sayonara Fairies”. It’s a work I’ve released over 2 years ago. Now that it’s been made available in form of a superior tankoubon scan the original commissioner asked me to do a re-edit of the whole thing. These are chapters one and two of that project.

The other release for today will be Hanahira Torori chapters five and six. They form a single story about a two distantly blood-related kids having a bit of innocent fun during their summer holidays.

[Tsuruta Bungaku] Hanahira Torori Ch. 1-6
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Release #86 Sumiya – My Wife


  • Commissioners: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Sumiya
  • Original name: [スミヤ] およめさん
  • Series: Original

Another cute work by Sumiya. It features two young girls enjoying some alone time together at home while their parents are away for the night.
It’s basically like the movie Home Alone. Except with two cute girls instead of one boy. Also, (big spoiler incoming) no one tries to rob the place. Oh yeah, there might also be lots more yuri sex.
Other than that it’s basically Home Alone.

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Release #25 / Commission #9 Sumiya – Goodbye Fairy ch. 3

Time to release the latest part of the Goodbye Fairy series!


  • Commissioner: T. Starrk
  • Artist/Circle: Sumiya
  • Original name: [スミヤ] さよならフェアリー#3
  • Source: (COMIC LO [2012-02] Vol.95) Get it here (pg. 345-368).
  • Series: Original Work

So, still remember those ballet lessons Lisa took last time? Yeah? Good, they’ll become important now. Turns out little Lisa wants to become the star of her school’s play, but has a bad case of stage fright. Thankfully her teacher is around to inject her with a healthy dose of self-confidence, among other things. Download the release to find out how little Lisa does on stage after being pumped full of…. courage!

Special mention go out to T. Starrk and Job Truniht, who looked this release over.

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Release #23 / Commission #6 Sumiya – Goodbye Fairy

Time to release another commission!


  • Commissioner: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Sumiya
  • Original name: [スミヤ] さよならフェアリー
  • Source: (COMIC LO [2010-12] Vol.86) Get it here (pg. 343-367).
  • Series: Original Work

Another work by Sumiya! I’m sure you all know that means: Cute loli X caring teacher. And who could ever get enough of that setup?
This time the story revolves around an exchange student, Lisa, who’s having a little trouble with English and is trying to improve by taking part in some extra curricular activities. What extra curricular activities, you ask? Get your mind out of the gutter, they’re obviously just going to rehearse some vocabulary and go over a few grammar points!
Or are they? Download the release to find out.

This is actually chapter 1, with 2 more chapters available and 1 chapter to be released soon. Chapter 2 has already been commissioned, finished and will be released shortly.
As for the remaining 2 chapters, please check out our blog post above!

Special mention goes out to T. Starrk, who proofread this release.

Edit: There is a version 2 available now ! The initial release included a small localization, namely changing Lisa’s “Japanese lessons” from the original to “English lessons”. This was meant to avoid the contradiction of having the characters talk about Japanese lessons while continuing to talk in English. It seems to have caused more problems than it solved, though, and as such was changed. Enjoy!

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