Suggest either a change in translation, a new font or anything else for the sake of improvement.

If suggesting a new font we will need:

  • A link to said font.
  • Reason(s) why it should be used.
  • Places it can be used.

If suggesting an edit to an existing translation of ours please include:

  • The name or ID of the project.
  • The page number.
  • The panel and bubble.
  • What it should be (according to you).

If nothing above suits your suggestion(s) you may simply leave a comment or write us an e-mail.


20 thoughts on “Suggestion(s)

  1. If MediaFire has gone to a 2 word code to download anything, just like many others. I will not be using them anymore .
    Good luck with your projects, I really enjoyed them.

    • You might just be in luck then, since we’re thinking of hosting our releases on our own servers. Meaning full speed downloads without captcha or waiting times.
      Our latest release is already available this way. Although I am fairly sure Mediafire has introduced no such thing. The only time you’ll have to fill out captcha when using their service is when you download a lot of files in a short amount of time from them.
      As for the DDLs, we’ll have to see how much traffic it generates and then decide whether or not we want to keep it that way.

    • With my quite basic understanding of the interwebs, I get that the attributes you mentioned can be used in PHP and HTML, which, ironically, isn’t used at all in /downloads.
      And, to add the code into each post will be too much of a hassle I can’t see it being implemented either.

      I do plan to set some download manager up (fuckyeah WP-plugins) so hopefully it’ll run smoother soon.

      If you, however, got a suggestion on how to set it up, do contact me at editor[at]

  2. Soto no Kuni no Yome still has two chapters left 7 and 8 that need to be translated I am trying to find the Hot Milk magazines that would have them I will post links when i find them

  3. I would like to suggest changing the filename format for your releases.

    Instead of:
    []C0025-JobT-ShoujoxShoujoxShoujo ch3

    How about:
    [Akatsuki Myuuto] ShoujoxShoujoxShoujo ch3 []C0025-JobT-
    [Akatsuki Myuuto] ShoujoxShoujoxShoujo ch3 [QB translations]C0025-JobT-
    [Akatsuki Myuuto] ShoujoxShoujoxShoujo ch3 [QB]C0025-JobT-

    I use the format
    [*Artist/Circle*] *Title* *Translation Group*
    on my filesystem because that’s how 99% of the releases I download are formatted. Also, I prefer them to be sorted by Artist/Circle rather than Translation Group.

    BTW, the format I’m using for your releases right now is:
    [Akatsuki Myuuto] ShoujoxShoujoxShoujo ch3 [QB for JobT]

    I don’t think you need the entire website address in the filename. A quick Google search for “QB translations” is enough to find your site.

    • Hey,

      I’ve had my editor take care of the packaging and uploading of releases for the longest time, so I’ve never really concerned myself with naming conventions and such.
      I can see how global and uniform naming conventions make sense, though.
      I’ll be adopting the [*Artist/Circle*] *Title* [QBtranslations] format for all coming releases.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Hey there, so I am a first time visitor and trying to get some of your older works as well. But it would seem that the posts from before your transfer retain their old links (and no ex-hentai links either) so the download links don’t go anywhere, could you maybe fix that? would be ever so grateful.

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