Release #38 / #C0035 Mori Takuya – Someone Else’s Wife -Maximum- (Daijoubu na Hi Dakara Ch.01)

Hey everyone, I’m back with another release!


  • Commissioner: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Mori Takuya
  • Original name: [杜拓哉] 大丈夫な日だから
  • Source:  Get it here
  • Series: Original

Chapter 1 of Takuya’s tankoubon starts out rather interesting: As a documentary of the daily life of a Japanese housewife. It’s rather informative, really.
Though I’d say it isn’t all that different from how western woman go about their day. Cooking for their families, cleaning, catching young adolescent boys stealing their panties and then starting a romantic relationship with said boys. You know, just everyday stuff.

If that sort of stuff is your think please help yourself to one of the download links!

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Release #37 / #C0039 Studio Pal – Carnival Mode

Hey guy, have another update!

(No, not that kind of dealer.)


  • Commissioner: ElecDrago
  • Artist/Circle: Studio Pal
  • Original name: [Studio Pal] Carnival Mode
  • Source:  Get it here
  • Series: “Rio” series of Pachinko machines

What we have here is something really interesting: A doujinshi focused on the main character featured in the Rio series pachinko machines.
For those of you that don’t know what pachinko is: You can think of it as a Japanese version of the one armed bandit found in basically every casino. Only with cute anime girls and LOTS of annoying sound effects.
But never fear, you don’t need to be a pachinko expert to enjoy this work.

If we want to get technical it’s actually 2 little works in one, but both feature a sort of “what if Rio was real and I could do her?” sort of scenario.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed translating it!

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Release #36 / #C0033 Yuunabe Shinkouchuu – Netoraregatari

And here’s another commission I’ve done some time ago!


  • Commissioner:
  • Artist/Circle: Yuunabe Shinkouchuu
  • Original name: [夕鍋進行中] 寝取語
  • Source:  Get it here
  • Series: Monogatari series

A nice little doujinshi focusing on the Araragi sisters and Shinobu. So yay for some loli action after what feels like quite a while!
A word of warning, though: As the title heavily implies, we’re dealing with NTR here. So if that’s not your cup of tea you might want to stay away from this one.
Still, I didn’t think the NTR depicted here was too bad.
We’ve got Kaiki executing some nice little get-rich-quick scheme (that actually works) and NTR-ing many of the heroines of the Monogatari-series in the process.

If all other career options fail that might be something worth thinking about. Because we all know what works in fiction can be effortlessly applied to reality!

Well, working out all the kinks in that plan might take a while, so in the meantime have some download links.

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Hey folks, it’s time for a rather big announcement!

I’ve just been commissioned to import and scan volumes 1 through 5 of “Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!” and volumes 2 and 3 of “Nyatto!” by one of this site’s dear visitors going by the name of Greenie.
The gist of it is this: The works will get here in 2-4 weeks and will be scanned thereafter. They still need to be edited and translated, though, so they’ve been added as a joint project so everyone can donate towards the completion of this rather big project.

I’ve written a short summary for both works, so go right ahead and click the little “continue reading” button, read the rest of my post and tell me what you think in the comments!

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Release #35 / #C0032 Karomix – Karoful Mix EX 8

Hey folks, how about some nice doujinshi about SaO?


  • Commissioner:
  • Artist/Circle: Karomix
  • Original name: [Karomix] Karoful Mix Ex 8
  • Source:  Get it here
  • Series: Sword Art Online

It’s a commission I did quite a while ago, but the commissioner has only recently released it.
The work itself is about Kirito and Asuna shortly after they’ve married. They’re out to hunt some precious new “Bounnus item” that’s supposed to drop only for player characters that are married. And what a splendid “Bounnus item” it is indeed! For you see, this “Bounnus item” isn’t some stupid old sword or piece of armor, oh no, it’s actually an accessory in the form of a perfume! And it has… a peculiar side effect, it would seem.

Hope you enjoy the release!
A word of warning: The filesize is fairly large due to the high resolution of the scans.

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Release #34 / #C0025 Akatsuki Myuuto – Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo chapter 3

And here, as promised, the final chapter of the Matsuriko saga!


  • Commissioner: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Akatsuki Myuuto
  • Original name: [赤月みゅうと] 少女x少女x少女
  • Source:  Get it here
  • Series: Original Work

In this chapter we finally learn about Kengo’s past and the truth about his seemingly immortal father. I don’t really want to write more about the story than necessary, because I don’t want to spoil anything. This tankoubon really is one of a kind, complete with a good premise, great art and an awesome storyline. So please download the release and find out yourself what happens!

As for the girls, we have a special focus on Matsuriko in this chapter, as expected. But we also got a bunch of other participants! So, even if you don’t care about the story that much, checking out this release will definitely be worth it.

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