Release #140 Akizuki Itsuki – Mischief and Love



  • Artist/Circle: Akizuki Itsuki
  • Original name: [秋月伊槻]悪戯心と恋心

It’s been quite some time since my last update. I’ve been rather busy with real life stuff and my next major release is still a little ways off as it’s only halfway done.
But I really haven’t translated enough loli lately and so I decided to translate this awesome little story I read today.

I’ve also used this opportunity to experiment a little with fonts and typesetting and such. If people are strongly in favor of the new fonts I’ve picked out I might end up switching to them permanently (unless my commissioners ask that I use a specific font of their choosing, of course.)

Anyway, please enjoy this little gem.

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Release #134 House of Needle – Secret Idol Audition


  • Commissioner: TinSnips
  • Artist/Circle: [House of Needle]
  • Original name: [ハウスオブニードル] アイドル秘密オーディション~アイドルになれるならキモメンにも耐えてみせる!~

A new full color release!
Six aspiring idols finally get their chance of a lifetime: they get invited to a super secret and special idol audition.It all seems simple enough at first: be the last girl standing after three rounds and you’re now officially an idol!
What the girls didn’t take into consideration were the three judges having their own choosing criteria, though…

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Release #132 Sadokko – Bukkake 7


  • Commissioner: TinSnips
  • Artist/Circle: [sadokko]
  • Original name: [さどっこ] 部っかけ

This release is a little harder than my usual ones. Not guro level, but you’ve been warned.
It deals with two girls receiving gymnastics scholarships for a very special school. Only problem is, there’s no gymnastics department at that school. What the school does have, however, is a long time student who happens to be the grandchild of the principal. And he’s got free reign to have as much fun with his teacher, classmates and everyone else at the school as he wants.

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Release #122 MTSP – Tachibana-san-chi no Dansei Jijou Yaribeya-hen


  • Commissioner: coNTRa
  • Artist/Circle: MTSP (Jin)
  • Original name: [MTSP (Jin)] 橘さん家ノ男性事情 ヤリ部屋編

Another retranslation!
The original translation left a lot to be desired in terms of editing and wording, which is why I was commissioned to redo it.
It’s a sort of supplementary work fleshing out an incident that took place during the main story. You can read it without knowledge of the plot just fine, but if you’re interested in understanding the story you should check out the main work here (translated in full thanks to Doujin-Moe).

Either way, whether you care about the plot or not, you’ll get treated to some fine gangrape involving girls with tits so huge they should all be arrested for possession of deadly bludgeoning weapons.

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Release #121 Tokihara Masato – Coffin of Cerebrum


  • Commissioner: Anonymous
  • Artist/Circle: Tokihara Masato
  • Original name: [時原マサト] セレブラムの柩 背徳の半女神

Time for another full tankoubon release. And oh boy, what a tankoubon this one is.
It’s got one of the most amazing stories and settings I’ve ever read in a porn focused work. It’s so good, in fact, it’s comparable to the quality you’d find in good manga.
The art style and the amount of work put into every single page is also nothing short of astonishing.

There are 9 chapters in this tankoubon in total. 7 of them form one continuous story while the last 2 are one-offs.
The main story of the work tells the tale of an artifact known as the “Coffin of Cerebrum”. It’s currently in the hands of a tyrant king who uses it for his perverted games. He forces two people who know each other, usually prisoners of his most recent raids, to participate in said games. The winner gets to go free, but the loser is forced to become a sex slave to the king’s soldiers. At one point, a particularly witty participant in his game catches the king’s interest, though…
The story then moves on to explore the blooming feelings between the king and his former prisoner as well as the true nature of the coffin

If you couldn’t tell from my introduction I’m going to plainly state it again: I can’t recommend this work highly enough.
Make sure to click on one of the following links and get reading!

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Release #115 ARCHIVES – Rape! Second-hand Idol

snap copy

  • Commissioner: TinSnips
  • Artist/Circle: [ARCHIVES (Hechi)]
  • Original name: [アーカイブ (へち)] 凌辱!中古あいどる

Another full color release! This time starring Nagi from the “Crazy Shrine Maidens” manga.
The story revolves around Nagi getting raped page after page by a varying group of people. It’s nothing too brutal, but it’s definitely not a vanilla doujinshi either.
As an extra the last 2 pages also feature Zange!

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Release #111-114


  • Commissioner: Flammz
  • Artist/Circle: Multipe
  • Original name: Multiple

This’ll be the first big batch of releases brought to you by Flammz.
There are 4 works in total:

Sena Youtarou’s “Sensual Early Summer Rain” deals with the male protagonist meeting a good female friend of his he’s had a crush on for the longest time just as he’s about to leave town. Very vanilla.

Kitsune to Budou’s “Gensoukyou Kupaa Bon 3” is a collection of one-shots starring various Touhou characters. Really nice art and interesting flavor text.

Konchiki’s “Please have sex with me” is a sequel to a story that is (to my knowledge) unreleased in English. It deals with a girl who’s a bit down on her luck. She’s super horny, but is afraid to approach the guy she likes because he might end up hating her for being a slut. So she turns to her teacher to have sex who tells her she should go and do it with the guy she likes. Interesting story, but features NTR-like elements.

Micro Page’s “Nanasaki After” deals with the female protagonist being in love with her boyfriend and setting out to study hard so she can go to the same University as him. So she decides to employ a private tutor who promptly rapes her. Not to state the obvious, but this work features rape and NTR-like elements.

[Sena Youtarou] Sensual Early Summer Rain
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[Kitsune to Budou] Gensoukyou Kupaa Bon 3
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[Konchiki] Please have sex with me
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[Micro Page] Nanasaki After
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