Release #76 Kon-Kit – Torokeru Kunoichi


  • Commissioner: Anonymous
  • Artist/Circle: Kon-kit (Konsoul)
  • Original name: [蒟吉人 (蒟魂)] とろけるくのいち

Another Kon-Kit work brought to you by an anonymous commissioner.
This is actually a sequel to a (to my knowledge) untranslated story. To give you the rundown of the prequel: cute female ninja who’s charged with protecting a princess sneaks out every night to snack on a few of the princess’s sweets. The head of security, Juushirou, catches her and has his way with her. During the act the ninja uses her transformation technique to make herself look like the princess. The story ends with Juushirou being caught in the act with the transformed ninja, much to the dismay of his lord.

This work is actually subtitled “NTR story”. It deals with the philosophical question if someone can be “NTRed” if he doesn’t even care about the girl.
It’s definitely worth a read.

Get it on E-Hentai || or DepositFiles


3 thoughts on “Release #76 Kon-Kit – Torokeru Kunoichi

  1. It doens´t feel like NTR there was no mind break and a kinda happy ending,I guess is there another sequel to this sequel? XD

    • I’m not actually sure if there is or will be another sequel.
      If there is we’ll likely see it in one of the publications Kon-Kit draws for or one of his own tankoubons, though.

  2. There’s a very particular feel that comes with NTR (varying degress).

    This story didn’t really have it. I haven’t read the prequel though….

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