Release #82 Momodokei – Fall of the Alchemist (Mimi chapter)


  • Commissioner: Pkhz
  • Artist/Circle: [Momodokei (vol)]
  • Original name: [桃時計 (vol)] 錬金術師の敗北
  • Source: Get it here
  • Parody: Atelier Totori

A CG set focusing on what actually happens when you lose in any of the Atelier games. None of that wishy-washy “being carried back to town and losing some money” stuff here, oh no.
Mimi, Rorona and Totori get assaulted by the mercenaries belonging to Evil Face’s cult and are defeated. They then get carried back to the cult’s church where they are to be sacrificed…

Get it on ExHentai || or DepositFiles


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