Announcement: Get us to do any translation you want!

I can just imagine your face right now. It probably looks something like this (if you were a cute little girl):

Do believe your eyes and ears though, for it is true. After having received a few e-mails asking if we’d do work X for amount Y we’ve finally decided to allow commissions. Meaning we are now fully equipped and ready to meet all your translation needs.
Simply head over to our newly created Commissions page to get all the details.
To give you the gist of it: we pretty much accept any form of Japanese media, from H or non-H serial manga over doujinshi to books.

What is that I hear you say, you’re afraid we’re now going to abandon our own little project and just focus on raking in the insane amount of moniez we will surely get from all the commissions? Far from it! You can still expect high quality loli releases hosted on our server for captcha-free high speed access from us, all the same! Neither are we going to ignore your requests. If you feel you have something we’d personally enjoy doing please continue to visit our requests page.

Hope to see you again next release!


2 thoughts on “Announcement: Get us to do any translation you want!

  1. It’s a traaaaap!
    That is Mako-chan from Miname-ke, he spends most of the time dressed as a loli, oh the hijinks that ensue.

    Good luck on the commission scene, I will think of you next time I have something needing done.

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