Release #18 Mieow (Rustle) – Lolicon Special 2

It looks like we’ve been blessed with a few new uploads of Rustle’s works, so rejoice everyone! For Release #18 we bring you his “Lolicon Special 2.”


  • Artist/Circle: Mieow (Rustle)
  • Original name: [Mieow (らする)] Lolicon Special 2
  • Source: (C71) Get it here.
  • Series: Original Work

Well, what is there to say, really? It’s a work from Rustle that has been uploaded a few weeks ago. It’s fairly “old” if you want to call it that, seeing as how it’s a C71 release. Only recently has a kind soul taken the time to scan it though, so there we go.
If you consider yourself to be into loli and don’t already know who Rustle is, I urge you, no, implore you to search for his works on ex-hentai or any other site of your choice.

As for the contents, we got a few very fine illustrations and a short and sweet mini-story.
Don’t pass this one up, folks! Especially since we bring it to you in all it’s 150 MB glory.

Get it directly from us!


5 thoughts on “Release #18 Mieow (Rustle) – Lolicon Special 2

  1. The illustrations before and after the short story are incredibly hot. This is quite a winner in my book, thanks for the meal.

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