Release #19 Mieow (Rustle) – Lolicon Special 6

Continuing on with our Rustle Rampage, we bring you his Lolicon Special 6 for our 19th release!


  • Artist/Circle: Mieow (Rustle)
  • Original name: [Mieow (らする)] Lolicon Special 6
  • Source: (C71) Get it here.
  • Series: Original Work

First and foremost I’d like you all to note that the depicted character is obviously a girl. You know, because it might also be a boy. Or a 3000 year old witch. With those crazy Japanese people you never know just what it is. So big props to Rustle for clearing that up right on the first page!

In terms of content we have some very nice “older” sister on younger brother action in your typical Rustle quality. Which means it’s fucking great. That and it’s a huge ~150MB again, uploaded to our server for full speed DDL access for your enjoyment.

I do hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as we had translating and editing it.
See you next time!

Get it directly from us! (4000px height) | LQ Online reader  | LQ DDL (1400px height)


11 thoughts on “Release #19 Mieow (Rustle) – Lolicon Special 6

  1. Rustle is so amazing. And quality translations with a full speed DDL link? You’re pretty awesome too, thanks for your hard work.

  2. Nothing against your awesonme hard work, but could you please do a lq version?
    For those of us who are forced to use a mobile internet connection.

  3. Two Rustle releases on the front page? With no Depositfiles bullshit hoops to leap through? And a DDL?

    I may cry. Thank you so much.

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