Release #100 Ashiomi Masato – Dream Channel


  • Commissioner: Anonymous
  • Artist/Circle: Ashiomi Masato
  • Original name: [アシオミマサト] ドリームチャンネル

It’s time for release 100! And what a big one it is. More than 200 pages of nice, clean vanilla. There should be something for everyone in here. There’s sex between blood unrelated siblings, blood related siblings, teacher student relationships, girls in swimsuits, tracksuits, bunnysuits, etc.

The stories all have one thing in common: the main character buys something from a mysterious antique shop that drastically changes his life. The stories are actually pretty nice. I thought that chapters 3 and 4 were especially well done.

Get it onE-Hentai || or DepositFiles || MEGA


5 thoughts on “Release #100 Ashiomi Masato – Dream Channel

  1. Thanks for the release, I’ve flicked through the raw’s for this and it looked interesting, even more so now I can understand the dialogue.

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