Hey folks, it’s time for a rather big announcement!

I’ve just been commissioned to import and scan volumes 1 through 5 of “Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!” and volumes 2 and 3 of “Nyatto!” by one of this site’s dear visitors going by the name of Greenie.
The gist of it is this: The works will get here in 2-4 weeks and will be scanned thereafter. They still need to be edited and translated, though, so they’ve been added as a joint project so everyone can donate towards the completion of this rather big project.

I’ve written a short summary for both works, so go right ahead and click the little “continue reading” button, read the rest of my post and tell me what you think in the comments!

Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!  

  • Original name: 侵スベカラズ!! 純血特区!
  • Author: Honda Arima
  • Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Seinen

The work is set in the not so distant future. A deadly virus has threatened to wipe out all of humanity, but a cunning plan saved the race from extinction: turning themselves part human, part animal!
The virus only affected humans, so anyone who underwent this beast transformation was immune to its effects.
Due to the peculiar nature of the virus and the corresponding cure there were no humans left on earth a few years after the initial outbreak… or were there?

The story’s main character is a 14 year old boy named Kazuto. Great at school, athletic and popular with the girls, he seemingly has it all. However, as it turns out, he’s actually one of the only surviving humans left on earth. And that is exactly the reason why he’s one day approached by 3 members of the “Pure-Bread Special Ward”…


  • Original name: にゃっと!
  • Author: Shigunyan
  • Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance

This manga is probably every cat-girl lovers dream come true: The possibly biggest cat-girl lover on earth, Shigeru Yoneda, wakes up one day and realizes his cat Konbu has turned into a cat-girl for some unknown reason.
The only problem is… she’s not quite the meek and obedient cat-girl maid he wanted her to be. And conversely, the now-cat-girl Konbu (who thinks of herself as high class nobility befitting of a name like “Elisabeth”)  isn’t exactly happy with the treatment she receives, either.

The volumes will arrive here in around 2-4 weeks and will be scanned shortly afterward. They still need to get edited and translated, though.
So, if any of those works caught your interest, why not head over to the joint projects page and see if you can’t help get them released faster?
I’ll update the page with the missing funding information as soon as I receive the volumes.
For any question about the works or the funding process you can also just send an email to: (remove the -@t- and replace it with a regular at sign.)


4 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Both seem interesting, but what about vol.1 of Nyatto? Was it already translated or you already have it and are ready to translate it?

    • It’s indeed as Greenie said, volume 1 of Nyatto is already available in raw form and translated up to chapter 6.
      Twincest scans, now merged with vortex scans, made an effort to translate Nyatto last year, but chapter 5 was released almost exactly 1 year ago and there hasn’t been an update since.
      So I’d say it’s safe to assume they have moved onto other projects.
      As the raw is already available and won’t get rescanned either way, donations for chapter 6 are currently open.

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