Release #109 Ashiomi Masato – Illusion Girls


  • Commissioner: Anonymous
  • Artist/Circle: Ashiomi Masato
  • Original name: [アシオミマサト] Illusion Girls

Time for another full tankoubon release.
This is the second full tank by Ashiomi Masatio I’ve done so far, with the first being Dream Channel.
This work contains 5 independent stories. One story is the continuation of “Roomless Love” that was featured in Dream Channel, though. So if you care about story at all you should definitely check that out first.
Speaking of story, this tank is actually quite plot heavy. Lots of pages dedicated to pure exposition. The stories themselves are all quite unique and interesting, though, so they’re definitely worth a read!

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Release #78 Yorimichi – Lewdevil


  • Commissioner: ElecDrago
  • Artist/Circle: [Yorimichi (Arsenal)]
  • Original name: [よりみち (アーセナル)] Lewdevil
  • Source: Get it here
  • Parody: Rosario + Vampire

And another work featuring a bunch of characters from Rosario + Vampire. This specific work focuses almost exclusively on Kurumu, though.
Kurumu, being the succubus that she is, tries to seduce Tsukune again. This time she’s got a new trick up her sleeve, though. Instead of trying to kiss him or charm him with her powers she’s come prepared with a potion… A potion she’s going to drink herself!

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Release #71 Chandora & LUNCH BOX – Moka & Moka


  • Commissioner: ElecDrago
  • Artist/Circle: Chandora & LUNCH BOX (Makunouchi Isami)
  • Original name: [ちゃんどら & ランチBOX (幕の内勇)] もか&モカ
  • Parody: Rosario + Vampire

Here we have a nice, almost 50 pages long work featuring a selection of characters from Rosario + Vampire. The two female leads are Moka (including her inner self) and Kurumu. Tsukune, as the obvious male protagonist, gets to have his fun with both.
And as a nice bonus we get to learn how to make a slutty succubus our slave!

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Release #56 Rokushou Kokuu – Modern Vampire Don’t Sleep

(It happens to the best of us)


  • Commissioner: ElecDrago
  • Artist/Circle: circle 6 (Rokushou Kokuu)
  • Original name: [Circle Six (緑青黒羽)] モダンヴァンパイアは眠らない

Finally back with another update!
This time we have a nice little story about a vampire maid serving her vampire master. Only problem is her master doesn’t really want to be served as he’s busy getting all the phat loots all day every day.
So what’s the best way to help a vampire break his MMO addiction? Is it fresh blood? Or a good book? No, of course not. It’s obviously kinky sex involving demonic vampire magic!

I have to admit I’ve never heard of the artist before, but his art is really good. I quite enjoyed working on it. I hope you’ll all find reading it equally as enjoyable!

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Release #32 / #C0022 St. Rio – Nakadashi to Vampire 2

Hey folks, time for another release!


This is actually part 2 of the “Nakadashi to Vampire” series by St. Rio, but I believe there is no translation for part 1 available yet.
This 50 page work contains 2 separate stories. If you’re familiar with the source material, you will probably recognize Mizore in the first story and Kurumu as well as Moka in the second story. Either one of those stories features lots and LOTS of tentacles, so if you’re into that, definitely check it out!

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