Release #111-114


  • Commissioner: Flammz
  • Artist/Circle: Multipe
  • Original name: Multiple

This’ll be the first big batch of releases brought to you by Flammz.
There are 4 works in total:

Sena Youtarou’s “Sensual Early Summer Rain” deals with the male protagonist meeting a good female friend of his he’s had a crush on for the longest time just as he’s about to leave town. Very vanilla.

Kitsune to Budou’s “Gensoukyou Kupaa Bon 3” is a collection of one-shots starring various Touhou characters. Really nice art and interesting flavor text.

Konchiki’s “Please have sex with me” is a sequel to a story that is (to my knowledge) unreleased in English. It deals with a girl who’s a bit down on her luck. She’s super horny, but is afraid to approach the guy she likes because he might end up hating her for being a slut. So she turns to her teacher to have sex who tells her she should go and do it with the guy she likes. Interesting story, but features NTR-like elements.

Micro Page’s “Nanasaki After” deals with the female protagonist being in love with her boyfriend and setting out to study hard so she can go to the same University as him. So she decides to employ a private tutor who promptly rapes her. Not to state the obvious, but this work features rape and NTR-like elements.

[Sena Youtarou] Sensual Early Summer Rain
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[Kitsune to Budou] Gensoukyou Kupaa Bon 3
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[Konchiki] Please have sex with me
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[Micro Page] Nanasaki After
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Release #110 Onoderasan – Touhou Saimin Inmakyou


  • Commissioner: TinSnips
  • Artist/Circle: [Onoderasanchi (Onoderasan)]
  • Original name: [おのでらさん家 (おのでらさん)] 東方催眠淫魔境

With my queue shrinking slowly but steadily I can finally bring you another release!
This time we have a hypnosis themed Touhou work. I personally like hypnosis themed works quite a bit. Sadly there isn’t too much focus on it here, though. The actual hypnosis part is never shown, only hinted at. This isn’t too bad, though, as it leaves more room for the unseen, self-insert protagonist to have fun with the girls.
And what fun it is! 5 different girls and all of them in full color, with each story satisfying a different fetish. If you like Touhou (or just the girls from the games) definitely give this one a read.

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Release #5 TAIL UP! – Kogacyclone

And here it is, our 5th release. A day later than expected, but oh well. It can’t be helped.


If there’s one thing I like (aside from the obvious), then it’s well done Ahegao. So what do you get when you combine a cute little girl and Ahegao? You get a damn enjoyable work is what you get. As you can probably tell from the title page (if, unlike me, you’re familiar with Touhou) this doujin features Kogasa, but also an easy to self-insert “Villager X”.

And with that, until next time.

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