Release #80 Jouiji Manabe – CAPRICORN Vol.1 [German]


  • Commissioner: Masterchief117777
  • Artist/Circle: [Jouji Manabe]
  • Original name: [真鍋譲治] カプリコン 第一巻
  • Source: Get it here

First and foremost: This is a translation into German. No English here this time, sorry folks.

The story follows the Earthlings Taku and Tamaki, who suddenly find themselves on a foreign planet one day. The inhabitants of said planet “Slaffleaze” have their own set of problems, though. A huge, black star has been looming over their heads for more than a week. Not everyone is afraid of that peculiar phenomenon, however. Certain individuals high up within the government of Slaffleaze are actually plotting to use the ensuing chaos amongst the populace to fuel their rise to power.
It’s up to Taku, Tamaki and the friends they’ve made on Slaffleaze to prevent the worst from happening!

The other volumes have all been set up as a joint project. So, if you enjoyed this release you can always chip in to get the rest translated sooner.
If this post has piqued your interest in an English translation please contact me directly.

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