Release #25 / #C0013 Gyuunyuu Linda – My Senior

After a small hiatus we’re back with another release!


  • Commissioner: Rubedo Jr.
  • Artist/Circle: Gyuunyuu Linda
  • Original name: [牛乳リンダ]年上の人
  • Series: Original Work

A bit of a deviation from our norm, but something really nice nonetheless: Shotacon! And a full 3 chapters of it, too!
We have our protagonist, Sawada, who has a thing for his Senpai. Little does he know that his Senpai has an overprotective little brother who’d do almost anything to make sure his Nii-san stays a pure maiden. But you know what? A little brother is fine, too!

If that got you interested don’t hesitate to download the release. If, however, guy on shota should not be your thing you’d do well to stay away from this one.

Get it  directly from us: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3