Release #111-114


  • Commissioner: Flammz
  • Artist/Circle: Multipe
  • Original name: Multiple

This’ll be the first big batch of releases brought to you by Flammz.
There are 4 works in total:

Sena Youtarou’s “Sensual Early Summer Rain” deals with the male protagonist meeting a good female friend of his he’s had a crush on for the longest time just as he’s about to leave town. Very vanilla.

Kitsune to Budou’s “Gensoukyou Kupaa Bon 3” is a collection of one-shots starring various Touhou characters. Really nice art and interesting flavor text.

Konchiki’s “Please have sex with me” is a sequel to a story that is (to my knowledge) unreleased in English. It deals with a girl who’s a bit down on her luck. She’s super horny, but is afraid to approach the guy she likes because he might end up hating her for being a slut. So she turns to her teacher to have sex who tells her she should go and do it with the guy she likes. Interesting story, but features NTR-like elements.

Micro Page’s “Nanasaki After” deals with the female protagonist being in love with her boyfriend and setting out to study hard so she can go to the same University as him. So she decides to employ a private tutor who promptly rapes her. Not to state the obvious, but this work features rape and NTR-like elements.

[Sena Youtarou] Sensual Early Summer Rain
Get it on ExHentai || or DepositFiles || MEGA

[Kitsune to Budou] Gensoukyou Kupaa Bon 3
Get it on ExHentai || or DepositFiles || MEGA

[Konchiki] Please have sex with me
Get it on ExHentai || or DepositFiles || MEGA

[Micro Page] Nanasaki After
Get it on ExHentai || or DepositFiles || MEGA


3 thoughts on “Release #111-114

  1. Thx for the first release
    Thx for working on 2nd, but till this say don’t know w thoTouhou characters are
    Thx, but after reading that and knowing that there is a prequel this will be much worse together.
    Thx, but Like Amagami so will pass.

  2. “Please have sex with me” almost avoids stupidity but ends up pretty fucked up. NTR elements, whether that’s accurate or not the girl does end up a slut(they are there, just a lot more hidden than usual). Probably because it looks like it’s going for a sweet ending.

    Seriously the ending takes apart the usual but then veers right back into it anyway. It does play out like the usual NTR of sending the girl back to the guy but she comes back. It doesn’t quite feel as obvious.

    But it doesn’t make sense because the other guy isn’t doing anything special. He’s not a rapist even. She just can’t be bothered to have the style of sex she wants with her boyfriend.

    Anyway the ending sucks, it needed one with the guy finding out. Or the girl should have broken up with him if having sex with the other guy is that important to her. Honestly she calls herself different types of names but none are true till the end.

    Especially after all the bullshit she said. She’s a horrible lover, after all that crap about becoming one, I doubt her boyfriend would want her cheating so she must not really be in synch with him.

    Her love is so selfish and hollow that it can’t even be called love. And she’s apparently planning on cheating him the entire time their together. Maybe the prequel is necessary to know because from what we’re showed the guy only does rough sex and the sex he does to a different character is apparently the roughest but it doesn’t even cross into S&M. Though it’s true rape, but he can’t have rape with the other girl so it’s not much more than rough or hard sex. People do a lot more with their partners for this girl to not even bother. And after the guy was shown as fairly decent he suddenly stops and doesn’t give her any advice.

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