Releases 87-89 Kon-Kit Goodness³


  • Commissioner: Anonymous
  • Artist/Circle: Kon-kit (Konsoul)
  • Original name: [蒟吉人 (蒟魂)] 夜鷹TAXI / とろけるくのいち / Pink screen

This time I’ve got three Kon-Kit releases for you sponsored by a generous anonymous commissioner.

The first one is Prostitute Taxi ch. 03 and deals with a tsundere taxi driver lady getting it on with the secretary of a rich businessman.

The next one is the prequel to Torokeru Kunoichi and explains how it could come to the events detailed in the second chapter. So if you want to find out how exactly Juushirou got caught and imprisoned definitely check it out.

The last one is called Pink Screen and deals with two moviegoers. One of them is a girl who’s heavily influenced by what she sees on screen. If you’re now wondering what would happen if you’d show a girl like that a porn flick you’ve come to the right place!

Kon-Kit – Prostitute Taxi ch. 03
Get it on E-Hentai || or DepositFiles

Kon-Kit – Torokeru Kunoichi
Get it on E-Hentai || or DepositFiles

Kon-Kit – Pink Screen
Get it on E-Hentai || or DepositFiles


8 thoughts on “Releases 87-89 Kon-Kit Goodness³

  1. While I realize that Depositfiles is a source of income for you and a pretty dependable host, it’s a bit frustrating to have 3 releases all at the same time that are hosted on Depositfiles. This is because once an end-user downloads a file, he incurs a long (~40 minute) cooldown period before he can download another file. So to snag all three of these files, it’d take someone two hours!

    Don’t get me wrong, your readers really appreciate your hard work, and that’s why it’d be a win-win if you could find a host that suits your needs but also doesn’t lock us out after downloading a single file.


    • Hey,

      thanks for your comment.
      I don’t actually favor DepositFiles, I like MEGA much better. People have been complaining about MEGA, though, so I switched to DepositFiles.
      For now I plan on sticking with it since DF, unlike Mediafire (the host I previously used), hasn’t removed any my uploads yet.

      An alternative to using the DDL I provide is downloading the torrent on E-Hentai/ExHentai. Since I usually release commissions on my blog a few days after they’ve been uploaded to E-Hentai you should be able to find well seeded torrents for all my releases there.

      Best regards.

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