Release #43 / #C0047 Otentomaru – Moebocchi

I’ve got another loli update for you guys!



  • Commissioner: Em
  • Artist/Circle: Otentomaru
  • Original name: [オテント丸] もえぼっち
  • Source: Get it here.
  • Series: Super Robot Wars

This is a really nice loli work featuring Irui and Sänger from the Super Robot Wars series of video games. Sänger takes Irui into his home, but doesn’t really have a lot of time to care for her due to the line of work he’s in. So, naturally, Irui gets lonely and tries to find ways to cope with that loneliness. Until one day, Sänger comes home early from work…

This work is actually the first out of three commissions of the Sänger X Irui series by Otentomaru. The two other works will be available sometime around next week.

I really loved Otentomaru’s art and how incredibly cute he depicts Irui. All works in this series don’t start with “moe” for nothing! If you are at all interested in loli definitely check it out.

Get it on Ex-Hentai || or Mediafire


2 thoughts on “Release #43 / #C0047 Otentomaru – Moebocchi

  1. You don’t get enough comments. I usually don’t think about it, but from time to time one should know that their work is appreciated. This one was goddamn adorable, and I’m looking forward to the other two.

    • Hey,

      thanks for your comment!
      Hearing from people who liked my releases always makes me glad.
      I personally really enjoyed working on those commissions. Editing wise they were fairly challenging, because the author just loves to put all kinds of text over backgrounds and faces everywhere. But the art and how adorable Irui is made more than up for it.

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