Release #41 / #C0042 Flieger (Ten) – Yamato Nadeshiko

After the previous 2 small releases here’s a big one for you guys!

(This is my face and pose when I’m translating. True story.)


  • Commissioner: coNTRa
  • Artist/Circle: Flieger (Ten)
  • Original name: [Flieger(貂)]大和撫子
  • Source:  Get it here
  • Series: Original

A big warning right off the bat:
This is PURE NTR. Yep. Nothing but NTR. I know a lot of people can’t stand NTR, so if you count yourself among that crowd, stay far away from this release.

The actual work features almost 120 pages of the heroine, Yoshiko, being NTR’ed by Carlos, a Latino residing in Spain. Yoshiko went there to get her degree abroad, leaving her boyfriend Yoshio behind in Japan. Both Yoshiko and Yoshio lived in a happy long distance relationship together, until one day Yoshio gets a tiny bit suspicious as to why Yoshiko keeps moaning and yelling “CARLOS I’M CUMMMMMMING” during their phone calls.
He then heads to Spain to find out what those mysterious outbursts during their conversations could mean…

Get it on Ex-Hentai || or Mediafire


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