Release #28 / #C0017 Sumiya – Goodbye Fairy ch. 4

And now for the grand finale of the Goodbye Fairy series!


  • Commissioner: T. Starrk, Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Sumiya
  • Original name: [スミヤ] さよならフェアリー#4
  • Source: (COMIC LO [2012-07] Vol.100) Get it here (pg. 273-296).
  • Series: Original Work

And so the story finally comes to a satisfying end. We have Lisa departing for Ireland, saying her farewells to all her classmates. And, of course, there’s also her Japanese teacher, for whom she has a special farewell present.

All in all a very well done ending to our 4-parter and a very enjoyable series. The ex-hentai link contains all 4 chapters while the DLL link only contains chapter 4.

Special mention go out to T. Starrk and Job Truniht, who looked this release over.

UPDATE: DDL link for all 4 chapters now available!

Get it on Ex-Hentai || All 4 chapters on Mediafire


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