Release #21 / Commission #4 Sumiya – Beautiful Moon

Time for a Combo Breaker with our 21st release, which doubles as the first commissioned work to ever be released on our site!


  • Commissioner: Job Truniht
  • Artist/Circle: Sumiya
  • Original name: [スミヤ] 月がきれいで
  • Source: (COMIC LO [2010-12] Vol.81) Get it here (pg. 173-194).
  • Series: Original Work

No Rustle release this time, but something really nice nevertheless. A moving tale about a young girl and her teacher, hopelessly in love with each other, trying to find a way to make things work out between them. Will they succeed or bow to societal pressure? Download the release to find out!

This is not the first commission we have ever received, but the first commission we get to post on our site, so I believe a bit of celebrating is in order. Time to get out the old party hat and party horn!

Special mention goes out to T. Starrk, who proofread this release.

Get it on Ex-Hentai || or directly from us


3 thoughts on “Release #21 / Commission #4 Sumiya – Beautiful Moon

  1. One more thing: these are rather ugly magazine scans, so beware. If we ever get a tankoubon release, I will have this chapter re-edited right away.

    My thanks go to QB staff for cranking out a good quality release really damn fast. Super courteous service, 10/10, will do business again.

  2. Sumiya is flipping awesome. Thanks for doing this, and congrats on getting commissioned so fast!
    BTW, LWB is working on a chapter from one of his tanks right now. If we’re both going to do more of his stuff, we might want to keep each other informed so we don’t dupe work.

    • That’s a very good idea. I’m planning to commission the following works by Sumiya sometime this year. In order of importance:

      1. The multi-part story that’s currently being serialized in Comic LO.
      2. Lycoris chapters 4&5.
      3. The yuri story from Comic LO 2011-01.

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