Release #16 Mutsutake – Soto no Kuni no Yome chapter 6

And here it finally is, release #16 which marks the last chapter of our epic!


  • Artist/Circle: Mutsutake
  • Original name: [睦茸] そとの国のヨメ
  • Source: Tankoubon (Get it here) Unknown scanner.
  • Series: Original Series

Here we finally have it folks, the thrilling conclusion to Mutsutake’s saga of epic proportions. This release nicely wraps it all up and leaves you with a good feeling afterwards, so definitely check it out. It includes Tamao and Lufu getting it on with Touji; and that’s about all I’ll spoil.

Translating all these episodes was quite a bit of work, so I hope you guys are getting your enjoyment out of them.

As an additional note: For our next releases we’ll definitely be returning to loli, our main focus. We’ll probably pick something from the request section, so all you people who requested something can start getting your hopes up!
And with that, please enjoy this release.

Get it from Mediafire | Our server

And here is the batch download with all chapters included:

Get it from Mediafire | Our server


12 thoughts on “Release #16 Mutsutake – Soto no Kuni no Yome chapter 6

  1. Thanks for this complete series, made me feel good about ready again ( too much NTR lately not here of course)

  2. omg, the story is so vanilla sweet that I have the same feeling from watching Clannad and Kanon…Thx for the translation

  3. Theres another 2 chapter that came out for this are you guys gonna translate it?

    its at Comic Hotmilk 2012-07
    Pg. 197 – 228

  4. Would it be possible to reupload this ? Mediafire links are dead, and I can’t find the entire thing elsewhere for the life of me.

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