Release #14 Mutsutake – Soto no Kuni no Yome chapter 4

For our 14th release we finally enter the second half of Foreigner’s Yome!


  • Artist/Circle: Mutsutake
  • Original name: [睦茸] そとの国のヨメ
  • Source: Tankoubon (Get it here) Unknown scanner.
  • Series: Original Series

Now with all the major plot twists out of the way we got our first real harem chapter. Our poor little MC just can’t keep up with the demand and devises a devious plan to get out of his deplorable situation… by going to the beach!

2 Succubi, half naked, fighting over their “food dispenser” on the beach. If only things like this existed in real life I might actually go to a beach myself sometime. Then again, I might save myself that trouble and just wait until google finishes all their VR projects and then go there virtually! Yay for technology!

Now please enjoy this release and make sure to check back next week for chapter 5.

Get it from Mediafire | Our server


4 thoughts on “Release #14 Mutsutake – Soto no Kuni no Yome chapter 4

  1. Just followed a link to your site, and boy am I glad I did. It’s a little belated, but welcome to the H-scene, and thanks for the translations, guys!

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