Release #12 Sasayuki – MM Erotic

For our 12th release we present you with a doujinshi that was requested for translation!


My my, what do we have here? This doesn’t look like my delicious Succubus Tankoubon at all! Well, you are quite right. After translating a bit of chapter 3 of said Tankoubon yesterday I skimmed through our request section and saw something I quite liked. It was sweet, thematically and art-wise, and it was short. So I decided to get on that and do a quick translation of it. To all the other people who have requested translations: Fear not, this won’t be the last request we do.

As for the contents, we have cute little Madoka and busty Mami getting tentacle pleasured by an unknown witch until they like it. So I’d say, thematically, this should please a wide audience. Have fun with it!

Download it from Mediafire | Our server


10 thoughts on “Release #12 Sasayuki – MM Erotic

  1. i have a question, why did you reduce the size of the images from your source?
    its x1600 from where you’ve got it and this is only x1400

    • ‘cuz I clean/level/detail it, and to keep it at somewhat good detail level I size it down and change the dpi to 72.

      Also, 1200-1400PX height is standard size for scanlations while above is good for RAWs.

      • That is not an excuse to downsize though, you are losing quality regardless on the images if you do that. Actually most tanks and doujins are translated at x1600 and beyond if the raws permit it, some are even in absurdres. Just look at what the other h-translation groups are doing. Other touchups that you did are fine. Especially the typesetting, conveys what the original artist did.

          • Before you can say opinions > opinions, first of your reasoning for your opinions are vague and you may want to start explaining first before you can claim yours > mine. You don’t see the reason then allow me to show you reason.

            Sizing down DOES lose significant quality. How can you not see that? No amount of editing will recover those lost pixels. People in ( will slap that to you.
            Here, let me throw this question to you.
            Why do you have such a compulsive need to downsize all your works? Not changing the size saves the quality and touching it up with their default resolution makes them better.
            And how can you explain what you did from karory’s work from x1900 down to x1400? Can you honestly tell me that is not a significant loss?

            Look. I am just telling you that you should just leave the resolution as it is. Is that too much of a request? It saves you what 2-3 seconds? lol. But you are also saving something greater which is the quality of the images which is the point of what we fap along with your translations. This is not your usual manga scanlations, we are talking H here. We are ogling at the pics and reading translations as well. Better images and translations, better fapping. How is that not a reason? This is for the sake of better releases

            I hope don’t sound hostile to you. I am just providing you with a legitimate suggestion. Because, seriously, downsizing images is unnecessary in H. In fact, I think you’re the only h-group I’ve seen to consistently cut sizes down to x1400, other groups are usually at x1600 because that’s what the raws usually offers. Take this as a friendly advice, it maybe a TL;DR one but i feel the need to explain myself since you said “I’m not seeing the need”. Hopefully this does not happen in your future releases.

            • Dude, you take this way too seriously.

              I used the same action I used to clean the chapter, without resizing and this is the result:

              In detail I consider most greys quite shitty but it sure is “fapable”.

              Sure, I could smack on our logo and release it.

              But, being anal about this in my own way I prefer to keep a standard, which is 1400px height (with our first release being 1200px, I kinda ruined it fast)…

              It’s a group, or? If there woud ever be a joint operation of setting quality standards for free scanlations I’d DDOS it and call for the fall of the Matriarchs (and for a new ME3 ending).

              Nope, we’re all bros here. Even the random bots that posts now and then.

              TL;DR – Why you even care? And I mean deeper than “for the best fap”. If we had _ANY_ demands on us for doing this, it would be a good reason to alter the style. But, as we stand no, neither of us (you nor I) got no requirements/demands.

              In conclusion:
              I thank you for your input and I assure you it has sparked quite the fire of dialouge and discussion in the team itself regarding our future work.
              I won’t make no promises ; ) Maybe we’ll put out a 2200 PX release, uncropped, in a few weeks.

          • Your sample image is pretty much what i would expect. At its 100% size you have an overall larger image without pixilating because of more pixels. This is even more so for full colored ones, more pixels better color transition.

   is simply an absurdres image site. But there is also a community there for OCD in scanning.

            For your conclusion:
            Yep, I understand. Looking forward for your future releases. Good luck.

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