Release #10 Mutsutake – Soto no Kuni no Yome

As promised, here is the first chapter of Soto no Kuni no Yome, which incidentally also marks our 10th release!


  • Artist/Circle: Mutsutake
  • Original name: [睦茸] そとの国のヨメ
  • Source: Tankoubon (Get it here) Unknown scanner.
  • Series: Original Series

If you’ve ever wondered what having a tsundere Succubus as a homestay partner is like this release was practically made for you! A petite body, blond hair and a cute tail, what more could you ask for? There’s just one problem. Despite being a Succubus, she’s not really into the whole “having sex” business.

And with that, farewell until next time! I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter and come back next week for the 2nd one.

Download it from Mediafire[v2] | Our server


13 thoughts on “Release #10 Mutsutake – Soto no Kuni no Yome

  1. Really enjoyed the chapter. The only thing I really had issue with was the use of the word “Incubus” during the chapter. Like on page 1 and page 7. An Incubus is actually a male version of the Succubus. A Succubus would steal the seed from human men and give it to and Incubus, who would then take it into his body and use it to impregnate human women. I’m unsure how the original text reads, but Succubi/Incubi were also classified as “Dream Entities” which would visit humans in their dreams. Sorry to be so heavy on the criticism, it’s just an odd choice of wording.

    Looking forward to the later chapters! Am also hoping that you eventually do Mutsutake’s other Succubus work, which involves a busty schoolgirl Succubus letting herself get gang-banged by a group of her male classmates.

    • You are completely correct, an Incubus is basically a male version of a Succubus. The original specifically refers to “Incubuses” though. I had a look at the Japanese Wikipedia entry for the word the author used and that word also specifically referred to the male version, so I just left it that way.

      My guess is that the author didn’t really care about the distinction.

  2. Probably not the right place to ask, but how do i get exhentai to work again? Alli get is a sad panda and i use Internet Explorer

    • As I’m a gentleman with fine taste, and have thus made this site, and you browsing it, must have great taste as well I take you for a gentleman as well:

      In short:
      1) Get g.e-hentai-account
      2)Clear cache
      3)First login to g.e, fiddle around and then try to open up ex-h.
      If that won’t help, get firefox -> Repeat steps 1-3.

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