Release #9 RiceCandy – Candy Friends

For our release #9 we bring you guys another Madoka doujinshi!


Ah yes, time travel. Such an interesting scenario. Blessed with the power to repeat the same span of time as many times as you’d like, what would you do? Would you single-mindedly try to accomplish what you originally set out to do? Or would you get swayed by the thought of being able to just redo it all, no matter what atrocities you committed? OR would your best female friend surprise you with her newly acquired penis, telling you she wants to get you pregnant?

What, it might happen, right? Pffft shaddap. It’s not like checked, so how would you know.

Anyway, time traveler or not, I hope you’ll enjoy pure little Madoka having fun with her newly acquired toy.

Download it from Mediafire | Our server


4 thoughts on “Release #9 RiceCandy – Candy Friends

    • If we stumble upon something we like, we probably will do it.
      Though, with a tankoubon our to-do-list it it’ll possible be so in the future.

      If you got suggestions, please check our requets page.

  1. RiceCandy’s works are indeed very delicious. I’ve looked through a bunch of them, so in answer to your question zekana, yes, I do plan to translate a few more works of his.
    Since we’ve just begun work on a 160 pages tankoubon it might take a while, but fear not, should the doujinshi of his I found on ex-hentai remain untranslated when we’re done we’ll most likely focus our attention on them.

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